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Hi! I'm Rodrigo Gonçalves, a 3D Character Artist specializing most in 3D Modeling, Digital Sculpting and Texturing for creative projects.

• Contact:

+ E-mail: rodrigopixel @ gmail.com
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• Some released projects that I worked on so far:

• Studio: High Horse Entertainment |• Platform: PC/Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch |• Released date: 2017 |• My Role: 3D Character Artist |• See the project
• Description: As a 3D character Artist, I worked in 2 characters for "Disc Jam", a Console and PC game released by High Horse Entertainment. See the project!

• Studio: Adam Poots Games |• Platform: Board & Card Games |• Released date: 2016 |• My Role: Digital Sculptor for Miniatures |• See the project
• Description: As a Digital Sculptor, I've worked in 2 miniatures characters for "Kingdom Death", a board game released by Adam Poots Games. See the project!

• Studio: Angry Mob Games |• Platform: Mobile Game |• Released date: 2015 |• My Role: 3D Character Artist |• See the project
• Description: As a 3D character Artist, I've worked in 20 characters for "Toys Burg", a mobile game released by Angry Mob Games. See the project!

• Some portfolio works samples

• Publications and Highlights:

* Some recognition and highlights of my work:

+ 2018: Honourable Mention at Artstation's Challenge 2018 - "Beneath the Waves - Game Character Art (real-time)"
+ 2017: 1st Place at Artstation's Challenge 2017 - "Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Game Character Art (real-time)"
+ 2x Top Row at ZbrushCentral.com.
+ ZBrushCentral 2017 Highlights Video at 3m:26s.
+ ZBrushCentral 2016 Highlights Video at 0m:32s.
+ 1x Top Row at ArtStation.com.
+ 5x Polycount Recap at Polycount.com.
+ 10x Editor’s Choice at CGSociety.
+ 5x Staff Pick at Sketchfab.com.
+ 1x Marmoset Toolbag Weekly Artist Highlight
+ 1x Marmoset Toolbag Turntable of the Day
+ ZBrushCentral Highlights.
+ 1x Artist Highlight at CGSociety.
+ 3x articles featured at 80 Level website

Some publications/magazines where my work has been shown

Image FX Magazine - 2017 . Issue 150

Location: Online | Published: July/August 2017 (Issue 150) | ImagineFX Magazine - issue 150| Project Created
My work Blacksmith that I did for the Artstation Art Challenge - Ancient Civilizations Lost & Found, was featured in ImagineFX Magazine (issue 150) along with awesome artists around. Thanks Artstation and ImageFX Magazine! Check it out for free this ImagineFX's article at Artstation Magazine website.

3D Creative Magazine - 2014 . Issue 110

Location: UK | Published online: October 2014 (Issue 110) | 3DCreative Website |My Sketchbook
I was invited by 3DCreative Magazine to participate in an awesome article "Create expressive cartoon characters" where I share my creation process and ZBrush sketching methods for expressive cartoons.

InCG Magazine - 2014 . Issue 18

Location: Taiwan | Published: March 2014 (Issue 18) | InCG Website | Magazine Cover | Project created | Verold Studio
My artwork and website were featured in an awesome article about "3D Tools For Web" with Verold Studio in the InCG Magazine, issue 18 (March 2014).

InCG Magazine - 2013 . Issue 16

Location: Taiwan | Published: Sep 5, 2013 (Issue 16) | InCG Website | Magazine Cover | Project created
I was invited by InCG Magazine (a CG magazine in Taiwan) to write a tutorial about "Creating 3D cartoon-style game characters", 10 pages explaining a fully detailed creation process.

Eye For Games Magazine - 2013.1

Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands | Published: Apr 16, 2013 | Online magazine link | EFG Website| Project created
My work was featured in the cover of the Eye For Games Magazine 2013.1. Thanks EFG Magazine!

• Recommendations & Testimonials

“Rodrigo is a great professional and I had the pleasure of working with him in some character modeling projects to games. He has easily to take hard work surface and organic modeling.
In addition of his technical and artistic skills, he is very responsible and dedicated with respect to deadlines and delivery of projects. He is also a very easy and pleasant person to work with. I recommend him for any game company.”

• Gilberto Magno – 3D Character Artist

“Rodrigo is not only a great professional but he is also a very good friend! I had the opportunity to work with him and I’ve learned a lot. He is always helping me and other people to grow as an artist and always share his knowledge the best way possible.
The quality of his work speaks for himself.”

• Jonfer Maia – 3D Character Artist

“Rodrigo is a top notch character artist. Not only is he a phenomenal talent, but he is a consummate professional who communicates very well. There were times on our project when I knew exactly what I wanted, and there were times when I only had a vague idea and no concept art for Rodrigo to work from. He was able to nail down my vision perfectly and produce some amazing art based on very loose concepts.

Even though English is not his first language, he speaks very well and we never had a problem with communication. Our conversations were easy, productive, and most importantly his work came in on time and complete.

His methods are technically sound, his files are organized, and most importantly, the artwork itself is brilliant!
You’d be hard pressed to find a more capable character artist in the freelance community.”

• Timothy Rapp – Founder at High Horse Entertainment

“Rodrigo is an artist who strives to achieve more than most artists I have encountered in the video games business. He is always trying out new ideas and techniques and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in a very short amount of time. He takes a keen interest in his work and performs extremely well with a friendly ‘can do’ spirit.

Rodrigo has excelled working for character designs for both my mobile and XBox One games with a tight deadline and limited resources. He made a wide range of character types and provided excellent rig-ready models and detailed texture maps for each. They came out much better than originally planned under his input.

Rodrigo would make a great fit at any company as one of the most enthusiastic, motivated and hard working people I’ve ever worked with.”

• Scott Easley – CEO at Easley-Dunn Games

“Rodrigo was such a pleasant guy to work with. He easily adapted to our established character style, and created some of the best character models we have in Toysburg.”

• Bogdan Iliesiu – Creative Director at Angry Mob Games

“Rodrigo is not only talented but one of the most professional artists I`ve met. He can deliver everything on time and with high quality.”

• Fábio Paiva – Character Artist

“Rodrigo has not only been recognised as a top student but proven to be an insightful, diligent and an incredibly inspiring artist. I work in education for students like Rodrigo, as his attitude and talent help me remember why I entered the professional animation industry in the first place.” (June/2010)

• Todd Millias – Director at Evolve Consulting Services